One thousand years ago, the devil Lucifer led a group of fleeing rebels from The Arisks Star and destroyed nearly half of the stars and planets in the Milky Way galaxy. Fortunately, Sky Armor patrol team arrived in time and locked the positioning password in beckoning devices. They fought to the death with their old comrade-in-arms and pledged their life to keep the password, the ending would be they perish all together. In the end, the wily Lucifer escaped by hiding in a piece of clothes. After one thousand years, in the most opportune moment Lucifer has found out the way of reviving and beckoning his team. Most importantly, he hopes to wear the most powerful Ashura Armor! Three young people, who have totally different personalities, become the new armor beckoners by chance. They turn to be Sky Man£¬Aero-Man and Golden Man. They enhance fighting strength in continual battles and have understood the power and truth of the combining power which comes from legislation, nature, the earth and human being. Will Sky Armor patrol team finally defeat Lucifer and his Phantom£¿The survival of outer earth is hold in the hand of these three hot-blooded youth!

    • • Science fiction live hero serial

    • • 60 Chapters

    • • 25 mins for each Chapters

    • • 1080P Hi-definition production