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Leon and Mini joined the Blazing Yoyo Club and became the technical advisors for the club and were then dragged into the conflict between Blazing Yoyo Club and the Lightning Yoyo Club. Leon’s enthusiasm in helping Blazing Yoyo Club’s captain Fiona had made Mini feel uneasy. Since then, leaving the team was one of the options in Mini’s mind. The teammates of Blazing Yoyo Club were not happy with Leon’s aggressiveness. To secure the chance to win the regional Yoyo competition, Lightning Yoyo Club captain Mark invited an elite player Timothy from oversea to join their team. Mingled between friendship and foes, Leon had to lead his team to strive for the regional yoyo championship and face the challenge of a lifetime.

    • • Live-action TV series

    • • 26 Chapter s

    • • 24 minutes per Chapter

    • • Target age: 5£­15year