The story happens between human beings and the evils. Though being defeated 5000 years ago, the evils revive again in this era to destroy all the living creatures. As the descendants of ancient Light Villages, five boys who possess special genes of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth appeared gradually to beckon Armor Heroes for stopping the evils. However, this battle is not easy to win. They have to overcome human weakness of timidity, pessimism, arrogance, and even jealousy. Fortunately, they finally realize the importance of cooperation and teamwork. In the end, five boys combine together to transform into Emperor Armor Hero to combat with the ultimate monster. Will they defeat the evils and protect the whole world? Let's wait and see.

    • • Science fiction live hero serial

    • • 52 Chapters

    • • 25 mins for each Chapter

    • • Target age : 6-12year