100 thousand years ago, Hades and Aglaia had been sealed during a holy war. After that, seven great universes became peaceful for next 100 thousand years. Today—100 thousand years later, Hades will recover consciousness in seven days. Then seven universes will usher in an end of cosmic catastrophe. To prevent this catastrophe, five Robo soldiers with faith irrevocably go their ways to destroy Hades. Unfortunately, when they begin to extirpate Hades, at the very moment, Hades wakes up. After that, Hades seals these five soldiers into Aglaia’s world by his unstoppable momentum. Darkness began to devour the seven universes.

Robo soldiers meet with Agalia when they are in danger. They break the seal with their attic faith, standing in front of Hades again. A great war is on the verge of breaking out. Space-time turbulence of cosmos is happened during the great war, and everyone is drawn in the time tunnel. They are transmigrated back to ten thousand years ago- the eve of the holy war. Things become more and more complicated and confusing when they get clearer and clearer about the origin of species. The holy war ten thousand years ago, their faith begin to collapse, because they can not. This is a fight of faith. Their enemy is their own.

    • • Supper sci - fi and heroic 3D animation

    • • 66 Chapters £¨Part¢ñ£º33 episodes£¬Part¢̣£º33 episodes£©

    • • 20 minutes per Chapter

    • • Full HD 1080P