This story happens in a small city in modern China. Our hero Scott is a five grad primary school student. When participated in a TV shows, he accidentally met Capri, a multi-functional robot came from the future. At a critical juncture, Scott got a mysterious watch from Capri to transform into Electro Boy—a hero with giant force and electric power to attack the enemy. From then on, Scott’s life changed dramatically. He helped Capri to fight with Ropri, an evil robot who aimed to capture Capri, helped his friends around and protected the whole city. In the story, Capri continuously invents various new weapons and machines to attract children’s curiosity. Scott’s friends who are with different characteristic always make the audience laugh. Besides, a clear partition between justice and evil through exciting scenes but not violence will totally deprive the worry of the parents.

    • • Full 3D Animation

    • • 52 Chapters

    • • 24 Minutes for each Chapter

    • • Target age :4-12year

    • • Funny, science fiction